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Don't Just Build...Engineer It!


Michael A. Connolly, Design/Build Engineer is a second-generation professional grade full service construction company. Since 1969 Michael’s family business has worked on both large and small residential and commercial projects throughout the central and northeast seacoast. Over the past forty years he has achieved recognition for quality work delivered consistently at a competitive cost. His diverse experience and engineering skills sets him far apart from most other builders and designers.


Utilizing the latest technology and building practices, Michael Connolly has developed a competitive edge having the ability to take any given project, small or large, from the initial design to completion at a cost far below the competitors’ allowing for clients to stay well within their projected budget. The almost unique combination of engineering complementing a lifetime of diverse field experience has proven results not many, if any, can compare. Michael Connolly has excelled in both the engineering and hands on building trades making him almost unique in the industry.


Keeping all the project’s tasks under one roof has several advantages, all attributing to cost savings to the client. From initial designing to completion every aspect of the project is applied using a lifetime of old school hands on workmanship and latest engineering technologies. This hand-in-hand combination enables invaluable insight into every phase of every project. Building is completed keeping every phase in proper sequence for a smooth transition between the various trades. Engineering practices are indispensable in today’s open concept layouts with the utilization of engineered structural members requiring advanced technical training that most builders are lacking. By having all the qualities incorporated in one individual, the results historically speak for themselves.


Michael A. Connolly, Design/Build Engineer Company stands behind every project they complete. Our goal has always been to serve the client’s needs with quality standards well beyond what basic codes require at a competitive cost. We have earned our reputation from years of high standards and don’t compromise it in any way; our reputation is our most valuable asset and we guarantee what we produce.


Michael Connolly has not only earned the privilege to titled Engineer, but has earned certifications in various other fields of expertise of design, safety and performance. Below are just a few.



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