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Parents In Sync specializes in divorce and family mediation consultation.  The services include on site mediation, custody, child support, visitation, finances, assets and more.

Family Mediation Couples who mediate create a parenting plan that is workable for them and beneficial to the children. Mediation is usually less expensive and helps foster a good working relationship between the couple who must still function as parents.

In mediation, the third party is there to assist the couple in reaching decisions with which they both can agree. By focusing on future needs of the family, the couple is working for common goal despite the fact that they are separating. Mediation is not arbitration in which a third party listens to both sides and then hands down a decision.

With the help of a trained and skilled mediator, the couple is guided through a process that allows them to focus on the needs of their families and themselves rather than dwell on past arguments and disappointments. Mediation is not counseling and there is no attempt to assess blame or responsibility on any party; the emphasis is entirely on how to make the future arrangements work best for everyone. The mediation process allows couples to separate without destroying families. A mediator can help explain the law, but can not offer legal advice. It is helpful to have your attorney guide you through some of the decisions you will be making in the mediation process. Your attorney can explain your options under the law in your specific circumstances and offer expert opinions on possible outcomes.

The Requirement of Commitment

The mediation process will work only if the couple is willing to make a good faith effort to reach agreement. There is no legal obligation to agree; any commitment to the process and its results comes voluntarily from the people involved.

The Benefits of Mediation

The mediation process can be significantly less expensive and less painful for the family than the protracted battles, which are often part of the divorce, or other family litigation. When children are involved, studies indicate agreements mutually agreed upon by the couple are usually far better for the children than those imposed by court order. The structured process allows the couple to establish their own goals and design for themselves, with help, the best way to use their own resources.

Karen Taddeo, a divorce mediator, who has helped couples reach many different kinds of agreements, including children’s issues, visitation schedules and property transfers for more than 14 years. I have completed formal training with, and am certified by, The Divorce Mediation Training Associates.

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